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The 5 Best Burger Places Near Livermore

Updated: May 2, 2022

Could you smash a smash burger? Or how about a tasty chicken Burger? Then these Livermore venues are for you! We incorporated millions of critics and user reviews in our analysis of top review sites to find Livermore’s best burgers. If you're looking for the best vegan burgers or the best side of fries our list has something for you.

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American, $$, LivermoreAmerican, $$Livermore
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 3.5

Aviation - Rooftop Bar and Kitchen

American, $$, LivermoreAmerican, $$Livermore
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 3.0

If you travel further

iniBurger - Gourmet Burgers

American, PleasantonAmericanPleasanton
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.5

Pairings Wine Bar Restaurant

American, $$, PleasantonAmerican, $$Pleasanton
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.5

Buckhorn Grill - Pleasanton

American, $$, PleasantonAmerican, $$Pleasanton
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 3.5

Why these restaurants?

We know how tough it is to find the best restaurant in Livermore. These results are brought to you by boam, with insights from the Yelp and Google ratings for 28808 Livermore restaurants, 3104661 reviews, and 1901 top lists and articles from the likes of . We cross-referenced with top lists, like . Our engine uses real-time data to only show restaurants that are open and their available services, so you can stay safe on your terms. Our site gets no money for featuring restaurants in this list – everyone’s earned their place. We don’t recommend restaurants lightly, these 10 are really something special.

Common questions

Hop DeVine, John's Char Burger, and In-N-Out Burger have outdoor seating and burgers in Livermore.

Hop DeVine, John's Char Burger, and In-N-Out Burger are the highest-rated burger spots to get a quick lunch in Livermore.

Hop DeVine, The Riata Diner & Tavern, and Fatburger are the highest-rated spots for burger delivery in Livermore.

Hop DeVine, John's Char Burger, and In-N-Out Burger are the highest-rated burger spots for dinner in Livermore.

Hop DeVine, John's Char Burger, and In-N-Out Burger are the highest-rated burger spots for lunch in Livermore.

Drink pairing tips

  • A next-level pairing for Monastrell

    When ordering lamb burger, experts suggest pairing it with a glass of Monastrell, a popular red wine.

  • Enjoy turkey cheese burger with Pinot Noir

    To elevate your turkey cheese burger experience, we recommend some Pinot Noir to go with your dish. This pairing works especially well because this red wine complements a salty cheese topping.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and beef burger

    Experts would recommend a red wine as a pairing to your beef burger, specifically Cabernet Sauvignon because it matches the beef due to its structure and tannins.


  • A belly full of burger

    Are you a fan of burger? The current record for eating the most burger is 12 burgers in only 3! Do you love burger enough to beat this record?

  • A traditional dish

    Have you ever had a tasty hamburger? Well it’s an absolute classic in The United States!

  • All about hamburger

    If it’s May 28, then you best not forget to grab a little hamburger for International Hamburger Day.

Parking in the area

Getting a good parking spot in Livermore can be tough, and it’s worse if you’re hungry. SpotHero is a digital parking reservation service that lets you pre-book a great parking spot.

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