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The 8 Best Lunch Spots In Larkspur

Updated: May 2, 2022

These cafes, food trucks, and restaurants make lunchtime our favorite time in Larkspur! To bring you only the best Lunch in Larkspur we analyzed top review, articles, and ranking sites. You won’t find better midday eats than those offered by these delicious lunch spots!

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Roma Antica

Italian, $$, LarkspurItalian, $$Larkspur
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.5

La Meza Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean, LarkspurMediterraneanLarkspur
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.5

Hog Island Larkspur

Spanish, LarkspurSpanishLarkspur
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0

Cheese Steak Shop

American, $, LarkspurAmerican, $Larkspur
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 3.5

Rustic Bakery

Bakery, $$, LarkspurBakery, $$Larkspur
Google: 4.3
Yelp: 3.5

Sushi Ko

Asian, $, LarkspurAsian, $Larkspur
Google: 4.2
Yelp: 3.5

Burritoville Cafe

Mexican, $, LarkspurMexican, $Larkspur
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 3.5

Red Boy Pizza

Pizza, $$, LarkspurPizza, $$Larkspur
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 3.0

How does it work?

Figuring out the best restaurants can take a long time. These results are brought to you by boam, with insights from the Yelp and Google ratings for 28808 Larkspur restaurants, 3104661 reviews, and 1901 top lists and articles from the likes of . We cross-referenced with top lists, like . Our engine uses real-time data to only show restaurants that are open and their updated available services, so you can actually enjoy the food we show. Since boam gets no payment for showing these restaurants, you can trust the restaurants in this list. Don’t sleep on the restaurants in this list.


Restaurant Picco, Left Bank Brasserie - Larkspur, and Don Antonio are lunch restaurants with outdoor seating in Larkspur.

The highest-rated restaurants in Larkspur for group lunches are Restaurant Picco, Left Bank Brasserie - Larkspur, and Don Antonio.

Left Bank Brasserie - Larkspur, Don Antonio, and Farm House Local are the highest-rated lunch spots for a pick-up meal in Larkspur.

Restaurant Picco, Left Bank Brasserie - Larkspur, and Don Antonio are the highest-rated lunch restaurants for take-out in Larkspur.

Restaurant Picco, Left Bank Brasserie - Larkspur, and Don Antonio are the highest-rated lunch restaurants that is good for groups in Larkspur.

Drink pairing tips

  • Riesling with your banh mi

    having banh mi and not sure white wine to drink with it? Go for Riesling. Its dryflavors will pair nicely with the food and complete the meal.

  • The ultimate drink pairing for banh mi

    Knowing what to pair with banh mi can be tricky. It’s worth exploring some white wine, particularly a glass of Kabinett. This, sweet, white wine balances the spicy banh mi.

  • Pair Muscat de Alexandria with banh mi

    When considering how to best enjoy your banh mi, we would highlight how well a glass of Muscat de Alexandria complements the dish as it cuts through the fattiness of the meat.


  • A belly full of soup

    Some prefer to savor the moment when they eat, and others prefer to just chow down. Andre Ortolf of Augsburg, Germany, falls into the category of the latter. She set the world record for the most soup eaten in 30 seconds: one pound!

  • 110 pounds of seafood stick

    In 2005, the Pacific Fish Processing Co. Ltd broke the world record by making the seafood stick, weighing 110 pounds.

  • A priceless experience

    Does $5,000 sound like a lot to you? Well that’s what the most expensive hamburger will cost you at Juicys Outlaw Gril.

Parking info

Parking has always been a challenge in Larkspur. Finding parking doesn’t have to be a hassle any longer. Our partners at SpotHero offer a great digital parking reservation service, so you getting a parking spot is quick and easy.

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