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The 5 Best Teriyaki Restaurants Near Magnolia, Seattle

Updated: November 12, 2021

Treat your taste buds to the Teriyaki dishes at these top Magnolia restaurants that are doing it right. We evaluated top sites and incorporated millions of critic and diner reviews for the best teriyaki in Magnolia. For an affordable and tasty meal sample the chicken, salmon, or beef teriyaki at any of these fantastic options.

Find the perfect Teriyaki spot

Ichiro Sushi and Teriyaki

Japanese, $, MagnoliaJapanese, $Seattle, Magnolia
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 4.0
  • Zomato, 2020

    Terrific teriyaki - Beautiful, glazed, juicy meat

    Zomato, 2020
  • Lyft

    Top 10 Most Visited Restaurants in Magnolia, Seattle


If you travel further

I Love Teriyaki

Japanese, $, FremontJapanese, $Seattle, Fremont
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 4.5
  • Eater, 2017

    13 Spots to Eat Teriyaki, Seattle’s Comfort Classic

    Eater, 2017
  • Foursquare, 2020

    The 13 Best Places for Teriyaki in Seattle

    Foursquare, 2020

Sunny Teriyaki

Asian, $, BallardAsian, $Seattle, Ballard
Google: 4.3
Yelp: 4.0

Palmi Korean Cuisine & Teriyaki

Korean, $, FremontKorean, $Seattle, Fremont
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 4.0

Sam's Sushi Bar & Grill

Japanese, $$, BallardJapanese, $$Seattle, Ballard
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 3.5
  • Seattle Magazine, 2015

    The Best Sushi Restaurants in Seattle

    Seattle Magazine, 2015

How was this list created?

Finding the best Teriyaki spots in Magnolia can take way too long. We pored over ratings for 11067 restaurants on Yelp and Google, 1095134 restaurant reviews in Seattle and 2391 top lists and articles. We paid extra attention to what Lyft, Foursquare and Eater had to say, and applied our boam magic sauce. These top contenders have appeared in Lyft - Top 10 Most Visited Restaurants in Magnolia, Seattle, Foursquare - The 13 Best Places for Teriyaki in Seattle and Eater - 13 Spots to Eat Teriyaki, Seattle’s Comfort Classic. We automatically update restaurants’ availability and services, so you can find a great meal no matter what. Our site gets no money for featuring restaurants in this list – everyone’s earned their place. The restaurants featured above represent the best of the best in Seattle Teriyaki.

Drink pairing tips for Teriyaki

  • A next-level match for beef teriyaki

    Experts recommend pairing a beef teriyaki with a glass of Rioja, a popular red wine.

  • Riesling with your teriyaki chicken

    Not sure what white wine to drink with your teriyaki chicken? Try Riesling. The dry flavors will pair nicely with the food and complete the meal.

Interesting facts about Teriyaki

  • The first ever teriyaki

    1600s gave us something tasty, the teriyaki! This tasty dish was bestowed upon us by Japan.

  • Celebrating a love for teriyaki chicken

    December is when people in The United States celebrate teriyaki chicken - it is National Teriyaki Chicken Day!

  • The ideal pairing

    One should always compliment their food with a drink that doesn't take away from the meal. If it’s teriyaki sauce you’re eating, we recommend pairing it with a red wine. The sweet flavors of the red wine won’t detract from the flavors of your teriyaki sauce.

Parking information

Nobody likes to circle around the block looking for parking. To make your life easier, we partnered with SpotHero, an innovative digital parking reservation service, so you can easily and effortlessly find parking near your selected Teriyaki spot.

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