May 9, 2023

Posh Pups: Fido's Feast Probably Outshines Your Friday Night!

— Survey reveals how much pet parents would spend on an extravagant dog dining experience.

  • 1 in 10 pet parents admits they would spend a 'limitless' amount of money on a dining experience for their dog.
  • Maine was revealed as the #1 state with the most pet parents willing to spend a 'limitless' amount on their dogs for a luxury dining experience.
  • Indiana and Virginia pet parents emerged in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • Find out how many people in each state would be willing to dish out a 'limitless' amount for a high-end meal with their pup [Infographic].
  • Discover the top dog-dedicated experiences across the country to celebrate your furry friend.

May is National Pet Month in the United States - an entire month dedicated to our furry, four-legged friends!
And considering 2 in 3 households (86.9 million homes) across the country own a pet, many people will be showing a little extra appreciation to their animal companions this upcoming month. With over 65 million households having a canine family member, there are a number of days dedicated to dogs that are definitely worth celebrating, including National Dog Mom Day and International Chihuahua Appreciation Day on May 14th, as well as International Rescue Dog Day (May 20th).
Of course, there's no day like every day to show your pets how much you love them; this month is simply a special celebration of appreciation. And, like most people enjoy dining out at remarkable restaurants with their loved ones, pet parents may wish to do the same in treating their pups to an indulgent meal out… But how far would people go to treat their dog to an extravagant dining experience at a high-end restaurant?

Posh Pooch Palates

In dedication to National Pet Month, boam, creator of the world's leading Restaurant Intelligence Platform, conducted a recent survey of over 1,000 pet parents across the country to uncover the lengths they would go to pamper their pups with a luxury restaurant experience. The survey asked how much people would be willing to spend on a meal for their pup if they were dining out at a luxury restaurant with a dedicated dog menu. Overall, over 1 in 4 (26%) pet parents would be more than happy to spend an amount over $20 for a fancy feast for their pup. And more specifically, nearly 1 in 10 pet parents had no limits whatsoever to the amount they would be willing to spend to treat their dog to this kind of restaurant experience!

Maine was the state in which most pet parents (more than 1 in 4) were willing to spend a 'limitless' amount on their furry friends, ranking The Pine Tree State in 1st place. It seems that, for Mainers, their pups' companionship alone is priceless! This makes sense, considering Maine is well-known for its adoration of animals and the protection of animal rights. The Pine Tree State has among the highest figures for pet ownership in the US, with nearly 2 in 3 households owning at least one pet. It has also ranked as the top state for animal protection laws (for the third consecutive year in a row) and was rated the second-most dog-friendly state in the country.

Not far behind, Indiana emerged in 2nd place in the survey, with 28% of pet parents willing to dish out limitless dollars for their pup to enjoy a fancy meal out. This was followed by Virginia in 3rd place, with 1 in 5 (20%) people who'd spend a boundless amount on their dog dining companion.

On the other hand, both Nebraska and Alaska had the highest number of pet parents (more than 1 in 3, or 38%) who would spend the least ($1 - $5) on an expensive meal for their dog. Perhaps they're hesitant to take their boisterous pups to upscale restaurants!

Fig 1.

Canine Connoisseurs

Below, we sniffed out the most exceptional, dedicated dog experiences across the country that are guaranteed to have your four-legged friends barking for more!

1. Chef's Tasting Menu at Dogue SF, California

Source: Instagram, Rahmi Massarweh - @dogue.sf

Pups are the star of the show at Dogue's Bone Appétit Cafe: they can enjoy a tail-wagging meal, or experience a 3-course chef's tasting menu (for around $75) catered specifically for canine cuisine connoisseurs! Chef and founder, Rahmi Massarweh, reimagines an awe-inspiring assortment of dishes for dogs and regularly features them on the Dogue SF Instagram account (including stunning birthday cakes). Recent creations include a “Charlotte” cake, which is a play on the traditional made with layers of beef sponge cake, wild elk, and wild antelope heart; as well as a calendula tartelette with coconut and turmeric.

Dogue prides itself in using only fresh, real ingredients that are naturally nutrient-dense in order to maximize the nutritional value for your pup. They also offer a number of specialty services for all your pup's dietary needs, including bespoke meal plans according to age, weight, activity level, allergies, and special needs. The 'Pawtisserie' crafts a selection of pastries (starting at around $15 each) made in-house, inspired by the finest pastry chefs in the world, and reimagined as a decadent experience for dogs. Browse Dogue SF's online store and find out more about their food services:

2. Wilson's Dog Menu at The Wilson NYC, New York

Source: Instagram, The Wilson - @eatatthewilson

The Wilson NYC offers a curated selection of dishes catered just for your pampered pup! For mains on the dog menu at this well-known New York restaurant, you'll find a grilled steak dish for $24; grilled chicken for $16, or a burger for hounds with a hamburger hankering (also $16). All proteins are served with steamed baby vegetables to make sure your four-legged friend is getting all the nutrients they need. The menu also features a selection of 'Spa Day' dishes, including a pupsicle made with pumpkin, banana, peanut butter, and coconut yogurt for $5; or a selection of mixed berries ($12). For pups on the lookout for a lighter bite, there's a housemade dog biscuit ($3) or sliced apples and cucumbers ($9).
Check out The Wilson's full dog dining menu.

3. Paw Hills Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa, Agoura Hills, California

Source: Paw Hills

Paw Hills offers a range of high-end services catered for your pets, including overnight boarding with room service twice a day; fresh filtered water, and soothing music throughout the facility. At lights out, pets will fall asleep to the sound of classical music. Rooms for dogs start at $56/night for Cozy Cabins, ranging to $105+ per night for the Majestic Suite - the largest and most spacious private room, featuring a twin-size bed with a memory foam mattress and cotton sheets, and a flat-panel TV! Guests will also enjoy a turn-down service with an optional bedside bone, as well as a private indoor yard connected to the suite.
The facility also offers a Massage & Relaxation service at the grooming spa, which features a 30-minute therapeutic massage ($52+).
Find out more about the range of services offered at Paw Hills Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa:

4. Jet Pet Resort, Phoenix, Arizona

Source: Instagram, Jet Pet Resort - @jetpetresortphx

Jet Pet is a luxury dog daycare and boarding facility located in Central Phoenix - it's essentially a resort for pets! The facility features both indoor and outdoor boarding, courtyards, spa amenities, air conditioning, and lounges for dogs. TVs in the resort also play pet-friendly shows for comforting background noise. Dog boarding rates start at $50/night for a Petite room; ranging to $61/night for a Standard-size room, and $83/night for a Large room.
The on-site Pet Spa offers a range of grooming services for your pup as well, from baths and brushes to hair and nail trims.
Discover Jet Pet's full list of services and resort amenities in Phoenix.

“Our recent survey shows that pet parents truly value their canine companions,” said Stuart Murless, Co-Founder of boam “We hope our findings inspire people everywhere to celebrate National Pet Month in style. Whether you're celebrating being a dog mom or considering adopting a rescue dog, May is the perfect time to do so! ”