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The 7 Best Steak Restaurants Near Pleasanton

Updated: November 12, 2021

Salivating for sirloin? Find the best steak options at these Pleasanton steakhouses. We surveyed the top review sites and analyzed millions of reviews to ensure only the best steak made this list. Enjoy a steak dinner with prime cuts of rib-eye and tenderloin with great sides at these Pleasanton restaurants.

Find the perfect Steak spot

Hap's Original Steaks & Seafood

$$$$, Pleasanton$$$$Pleasanton
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 3.5
  • CultureTrip

    Top 10 Restaurants In Pleasanton


If you travel further

Range Life

New American, $$, LivermoreNew American, $$Livermore
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.5
  • Michelin Guide

    The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal (2019)

    Michelin Guide

Market Tavern Dublin

New American, $$, DublinNew American, $$Dublin
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 4.0

Urban Plates

New American, $$, DublinNew American, $$Dublin
Google: 4.3
Yelp: 4.0

Zephyr Grill & Bar

American, $$$, LivermoreAmerican, $$$Livermore
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 3.5

The Riata Diner & Tavern

American, $$, LivermoreAmerican, $$Livermore
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 3.5

Cattlemens Steakhouse

American, $$, LivermoreAmerican, $$Livermore
Google: 4.2
Yelp: 3.5

How does it work?

We know how tough it is to find the best Steak in Pleasanton. We analyzed 28999 Pleasanton restaurants on Yelp and Google, 3104661 Pleasanton restaurant reviews, and 2955 lists and articles – looking closely at what Michelin Guide and CultureTrip had to say – and applied our boam magic. We cross-referenced with top lists, like Michelin Guide - The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal (2019) and CultureTrip - Top 10 Restaurants In Pleasanton. Our engine uses real-time data to only show restaurants that are open and their available services, so you can stay safe on your terms. This content is not sponsored by any restaurant or party, the restaurants shown are the real deal. We don’t recommend restaurants lightly, these 10 are really something special.

Drink pairing tips for Steak

  • The perfect match for grilled fish steak

    Experts recommend pairing a grilled fish steak with a glass of Prosecco, a popular sparkling wine.

  • Pair Rosé with grilled turkey burger

    When considering how to best enjoy your grilled turkey burger, we would highlight how well a glass of Rosé complements the dish as it battles the grilled flavours.

  • Enjoy pork with Pinot Noir

    To elevate your pork experience, we recommend some Pinot Noir to go with your dish. This pairing works especially well because this red wine highlights the richer flavours of the meat.

Factoids about Steak

  • A big appetite

    Molly Schuyler knows that you can never have too much of a good thing. They proved this by eating 23 pounds of prime rib, setting a world record in the process!

  • A delicious pairing

    Surely you’ve tried tea with your steak? It’s a classic pairing.

  • For the love of barbeque

    It’s National Barbeque Day on July 4. You better not forget! Grab your barbeque and celebrate!

Parking info

Parking in Pleasanton can be a challenge. To make your life easier, we partnered with SpotHero, an innovative digital parking reservation service, so you can easily and effortlessly find parking near your selected Steak spot.

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