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The 9 Best Asian Restaurants In Columbia

Updated: May 2, 2022

Aching for some good Asian food? These Columbia restaurants serve the best-fried rice and noodles in town. We analyzed top review sites, including diner and critic reviews for this list of best Asians in Columbia. So if you need some chow foon or gyoza visit one of the Asian venues on this list now!

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Chutney Indian Restaurant

Indian, $$, ColumbiaIndian, $$Columbia
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.5

Urban Hot Pot

Chinese, ColumbiaChineseColumbia
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.5

Akira Ramen & Izakaya

Asian, $$, ColumbiaAsian, $$Columbia
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.5

Curry & Kabob

Indian, $$, ColumbiaIndian, $$Columbia
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.5

Sushi King

Japanese, $$, ColumbiaJapanese, $$Columbia
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.0
  • Zagat, 2016

    Best Japanese Restaurants in Baltimore

    Zagat, 2016

Flavors of India

Indian, $$, ColumbiaIndian, $$Columbia
Google: 4.9
Yelp: 4.0

BIBIBOP Asian Grill

Asian, $, ColumbiaAsian, $Columbia
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0

Sushi Nari

Asian, $$, ColumbiaAsian, $$Columbia
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 4.0

An Loi

Vietnamese, $, ColumbiaVietnamese, $Columbia
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 3.5

How was this list created?

Picking the right Asian restaurant can be tough, especially when you’re exploring new restaurants. We used our boam magic powers to analyze 823905 local restaurant reviews, Google and Yelp ratings for 5440 restaurants, and 127 lists and articles from top sources like Zagat. The restaurants you see have been featured in Zagat - Best Japanese Restaurants in Baltimore. We automatically update restaurants’ availability and services, so you can find a great meal no matter what. Our site gets no money for featuring restaurants in this list – everyone’s earned their place. Don’t sleep on the restaurants in this list.

Common questions

Royal Taj, Kome Sushi, and Chutney Indian Restaurant are vegetarian-friendly Asian restaurants in Columbia.

Royal Taj, Kome Sushi, and Chutney Indian Restaurant are some of the highest-rated late-night Asian spots in Columbia.

The highest-rated Asian restaurants for delivery in Columbia are Kome Sushi, Chutney Indian Restaurant, and Akira Ramen & Izakaya.

There are 33 Asian restaurants in Columbia.

Royal Taj, Kome Sushi, and Chutney Indian Restaurant are the highest-rated Asian restaurants for a quick lunch in Columbia.

Drink pairing tips

  • The ultimate drink pairing for Hunan style beef

    Knowing what to pair with Hunan style beef can be tricky. It’s worth exploring some pink wine, particularly a glass of Rosé. This, sweet, pink wine balances the strong and spicy Hunan style beef.

  • Pair Riesling with duck noodle soup

    If your food palns include Asian, then you should consider helping it along with some white wine. We find that a Riesling, with its hits of fruit, serves as the best pairing to the dish.

  • A next-level pairing for Gewürztramine

    Experts recommend pairing a shrimp fried rice with a glass of Gewürztramine, a popular white wine.

Did you know?

  • April = Asian festival

    Have you ever seen people tend to the graves of departed ones? It’s a sight to see at the Qingming Festival, where they also have China. Keep it in mind if you ever plan a trip to China.

  • A popular dish

    Have you ever heard of nasi lemak? It’s a tasty classic from Malaysia. Have it with rice cooked in coconut milk.

  • A match made in heaven: sour plum tea & hot pot

    Surely you’ve tried sour plum tea with your hot pot? It’s a classic pairing.

Parking info

Parking has always been a challenge in Columbia. To make the hunt for parking easier, we’ve partnered with a cutting-edge digital parking reservation system, Spothero, that enables you to book a spot in advance before you visit your chosen Asian spot.

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