The 5 Best Asian Restaurants In Butler

Updated: June 30, 2022

Hungry for hum boa or moo shu pork? These Asian restaurants in Butler have the best options in town. We analyzed top review sites and included millions of diner and critic reviews for the best Asian Butler has to offer. So if you need some chow foon or gyoza visit one of the Asian venues on this list now!

Find the perfect Asian restaurant

Tewada Thai Restaurant

Thai, $$, ButlerThai, $$Butler
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 5.0

Yamato Hibachi Sushi

Japanese, Homeacre-LyndoraJapaneseButler, Homeacre-Lyndora
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.5

Mico’s Kitchen

Asian, $$, ButlerAsian, $$Butler
Google: 4.8
Yelp: 4.0

Fortune Star Buffet & Grill

Chinese, $$, Homeacre-LyndoraChinese, $$Butler, Homeacre-Lyndora
Google: 4.2
Yelp: 3.5


Chinese, $$, ButlerChinese, $$Butler
Google: 4.1
Yelp: 3.5

How does it work?

Picking the right Asian restaurant can be tough, especially when you’re exploring new restaurants. We analyzed 6837 Butler restaurants on Yelp and Google, 823905 Butler restaurant reviews, and 409 lists and articles – looking closely at what had to say – and applied our boam magic. The restaurants you see have been featured in . We automatically update restaurants’ availability and services, so you can find a great meal as the industry adapts to COVID-19. Restaurants can’t pay to show up on this list, so enjoy the best food with no agenda. We don’t recommend restaurants lightly, these 10 are really something special.


There are 5 Asian restaurants in Butler.

The highest-rated Asian restaurants for delivery in Butler are Mico’s Kitchen, Fortune Star Buffet & Grill, and China Palace.

Mico’s Kitchen, Fortune Star Buffet & Grill, and China Palace are some of the highest-rated late-night Asian spots in Butler.

Mico’s Kitchen, Fortune Star Buffet & Grill, and China Palace are the highest-rated Asian restaurants for take-out in Butler.

Mico’s Kitchen, Fortune Star Buffet & Grill, and China Palace are the highest-rated Asian restaurants that serve breakfast in Butler.

Drink pairing tips

  • Gewürztramine and shrimp fried rice

    When considering what goes best with shrimp fried rice, we recommend a glass of Gewürztramine, it truly complements the dish as it acts as a counterpoint to the flavours of the dish.

  • A next-level pairing for Kingfisher

    When having stir-fried chicken, experts suggest you pair it with a glass of Kingfisher, a popular beer.

  • Pair Pineau d'Aunis with apricot chutney-topped lamb chops

    The fruity flavors in Pineau d'Aunis makes it a great red wine to pair with apricot chutney-topped lamb chops.


  • The Qingming Festival

    Have you ever seen people tend to the graves of departed ones? It’s a sight to see at the Qingming Festival, where they also have China. Keep it in mind if you ever plan a trip to China.

  • What Taiwan drinks

    Should you find yourself on the streets of Taiwan be sure to sample the local bubble tea one of the country's most classic and popular drinks!

  • 28,658 pounds of hot pot

    32 feet 10 inches in diameter and 3 feet 6 inches height is the record for the biggest hot pot. We hope people were hungry!

Parking in the area

Nobody likes to circle around the block looking for parking, especially if you’re hungry or in a rush. To make the hunt for parking easier, we’ve partnered with a cutting-edge digital parking reservation system, Spothero, that enables you to book a spot in advance before you visit your chosen Asian spot.

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