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We at boam are making the food industry smarter, changing the way millions of diners will discover and experience their next favorite restaurant.

Why we built boam

Building a restaurant is hard – getting customers into it shouldn’t be. But, while every other industry embraced digitization, the restaurant world was left behind.

As a team with experience in this space, we saw an opportunity – to use data-driven insights to build incredible experiences that enable diners to discover awesome, new places while ALSO helping restaurants succeed.

We aren’t a sales organization or a crowd-sourced review site, we’re a next-gen technology company that is having a transformative impact on the global restaurant industry.

Our values

These are the attributes and ways of working that we value in ourselves – and others.

These are the attributes and ways of working that we value in ourselves – and others.


We relentlessly look for new insights, uncovering customer secrets that drive our product development and the solutions we build.


We keep an open mind, adjusting as we learn and working with a willingness to adapt to what our customers value most.


We use data to drive every decision; aggregating and analyzing to unlock insights that guide everything from product development to recruitment.


We are transparent, always owning our mistakes so we can learn from them. We tell it as it is and only expect the same from others in return.


We value fairness above all else. It drives the decisions we make and our efforts to build a platform that serves everyone equally.

How we work

We are building tight-knit communities which can effectively collaborate with others across the world. What unites us is our shared vision and a culture that says no to the things that prevent people doing the work they love.

No fixed locations or fixed schedules

We trust our people to work harder and smarter – so to us it doesn’t really matter when or where you work, as long as you’re happy & productive.

No to the status quo

We’re always looking for new ways to work because a fresh approach can be the difference between making the point and missing the point.

No micro-management

We only hire employees experienced enough to manage their own tasks and responsibilities. That means no hand-holding or over-the-shoulder hovering.

No unnecessary meetings

When a Slack message can replace a meeting, it does. And when it can’t, we batch together 30 minute calls to maximize, individual focused work time.